$3695 Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 ft, Large Rug, Vintage Rug, Han Home Living Floor Rugs Rugs $3695 Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 ft, Large Rug, Vintage Rug, Han Home Living Floor Rugs Rugs Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 Discount is also underway Large Han Vintage ft Rug,Persian,yangtalad.ac.th,13,ft,,$3695,Large,x,Rug,,Pink,Vintage,/misoxeny73359.html,Han,Rug,,rug,9.5,Home Living , Floor Rugs , Rugs Rug,Persian,yangtalad.ac.th,13,ft,,$3695,Large,x,Rug,,Pink,Vintage,/misoxeny73359.html,Han,Rug,,rug,9.5,Home Living , Floor Rugs , Rugs Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 Discount is also underway Large Han Vintage ft

Persian Rug Pink rug New popularity 13 x 9.5 Discount is also underway Large Han Vintage ft

Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 ft, Large Rug, Vintage Rug, Han


Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 ft, Large Rug, Vintage Rug, Han

Area Rug, Rug, 13 x 9.5 ft, Anatolian Rug, Vintage Rug, Oriental Rug, Unique Rug, Handmade Rug, Decorative Rug, Wool Rug,

Size : 399 x 290 cm 13 x 9.5 feet no: D1377

Genuine vintage and antique Persian rugs are handmade with wool in Anatolia, Each one is a unique work of art and one of a kind.

Material : organic wool , organic cotton

Type : Hand knotted, Vintage

Condition : Very Good

Condition : Clean and ready for use

Delivery Time: Maximum 3 Days for Worldwide

Response time : maximum 4-6 hours,

Which Type Rugs you can find in my shop:

* vintage rugs - oushak rugs

* turkish rugs - kilim rug

* area rug - bohemian rug

* runner rug - anatolian rug

* antique rug - handmade rug

* decorative rugs - turkish kilim

* handmade rug - wool rug

* ethnic rug - carpet

* floor rug , boho decor rug , 2 x 4 ft rug, 8 x 10 rugs , etsy rug , handmade rug , floor rug , tribal rug , turkey rug , turkish rug , oushak rug , 3 x 5 ft rug , 5 x 8 ft rug , 6 x 9 ft rug , 4 x 6 ft rug , organic rug , overdyed rug , oversized rug , large size rug , pink rug , ushak style rug , blue rug , neutral rug , pastel color rug ,

Where can you use the vintage rugs ?

- Livingroom rug

- Hallway rug

- Frontdoor rug

- Kitchen rug

- Bathroom rug

- Laundry rug

- Saloon rug

- Office rug

- Terrace rug

- Bedroom rugs

- Saloon rug

I collected a lot of vintage items, especially vintage handknotted rugs and vintage handwoven kilims. They have a lot of meaning and spirit. I belive that you can read the culture of Anatolia on these rugs like books, because I remember this, when my mom was knotted the rug with her friends, they were listen love songs, they were talk about their future plan, dream, and they were hoped happiness for themselves.

My mom had been knotted the rug a lot of years when she was young, I lived my childhood in rug house with my mom, I grew in the rug house with very important cultural object that is handknotted rug. so this is begining of my life story.

The rug is not just material, it hasn#39;t just knots, patterns. it carries feelings, hope, love, maybe sadness. I m very happy to bring together these important cultural object with perfect designs in your home all over the world.

if you have any question about my vintage rugs please ask me everytime.
Let#39;s create inspiring home decoration ideas together,

TYPE: Natural Dye, Hand Knotted Wool Rug / Hand Woven Wool Rug

AGE: Vintage Rug over 40+ years old.

CONDITION: Before I take photos of my rugs. I do all the maintenance.

1- This beautiful Turkish Rug has just been professionally washed.
2- The edges and fringes have been fixed as originally.
3- It has very good condition now and READY FOR USE.

Due to the age and handmade nature of these vintage rugs, there might be imperfections and flaws that are not considered defects.
I photograph the rugs outdoor with natural daylight. I never edit the pictures. I upload the original photos to show you the real and natural colors. You can be sure You will receive exactly the same rug as in the photos and can be sure you will love it when you see it.

SHIPPING: Free shipping from Turkey to Worldwide. I will pack your order carefully and ship in the same day with Dhl Express. Express delivery in max. 1-3 days.

PAYMENT: You can pay with PayPal or You can pay with your card over Shopier. If you want to pay with card, please check out with “other” option.

RETURN / EXCHANGE: Your Satisfaction is the most important to for me. If you have any question or problem about your order, please contact us and I will do my best. I accept returns and refund 100% of total minus shipping from Turkey.

Little information about the Turkish rugs: All of my rugs in my Etsy shop are genuine handmade vintage Turkish rugs from Anatolia from Turkey. Like I say in my about page, Vintage rugs are not just something which we decorate our homes. Like anything old and unique, they are filled with character, soul, and story. They have special language which explain many things with designs and colors. They were not made for commerce. They were mostly made for themselves so that They keep a lot of secrets in them. For me, a vintage rug is a love, an art which change our life.
Please don’t hesitate to write me if you have any question.
I will be happy to share my experience with you on vintage rugs
Thank you

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Persian Rug Pink rug 13 x 9.5 ft, Large Rug, Vintage Rug, Han

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