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Animer and price revision Australia Outline Cookie Cutter - SHARP EDGES FAST Shipping Sales of SALE items from new works

Australia Outline Cookie Cutter - SHARP EDGES - FAST Shipping -


Australia Outline Cookie Cutter - SHARP EDGES - FAST Shipping -

~ Dough Pushers help to push out the dough and are included with all cutters 2quot; and under! They make creating beautiful fondant creations SO much easier! ~

Save yourself money and order more than one cutter! After the first item, all items only add .60 cents to the shipping price!!

Every cutter on our store now has sharp cutting edges!!! Making cuts easier than ever!

The best way to get ahold of me is by emailing me at SchoolmanCheryl [!at] If you need anything quick be sure to email as my Etsy app does not work :|

The 3.5quot; cutter is 2.75 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. All of the different sizes are proportioned to this same ratio. All versions of the cutter will cut approximately .55 inches deep (or 14mm).

For cupcake toppers or pendant jewelry I recommend 2.5 inches or smaller, for average-sized cookies 3.5 inches to 4 inches, for jumbo sized cookies 5 inches! Always remember that the BIGGER the EASIER to use! If you#39;d like something even larger please email me at SchoolmanCheryl [!at]! I#39;m sure I can accommodate you!

Average shipping times to Illinois: 1-2 Days
To rest of the Midwest USA 2-3 Days.
To rest of the USA 3-4 days.
To Canada 6-8 days.
To Europe 7-10 Days.
To Australia 8-12 Days.

Each cutter comes with a personal low-rise sugar cookie recipe that actually tastes great!! It really helps to bring out the details in the cutters for easy icey tracing!

~ PERSONALIZE, MODIFY, CUSTOMIZE! ~ If you#39;d like an in-between size or something larger or smaller just message me and I can most likely make it for you! Also if you#39;d like something modified, written, or personalized on the cutters email me at Schoolmancheryl [!at] Adding writing to cutters is fairly simple and I don#39;t charge too much for it! Just ask!

Additionally, if you#39;d like something we don#39;t have send me a custom request and if I like the idea I#39;ll create something and add it to the store for you!

Send us a picture of your cookies and if we like what we see we may ask to use your picture for the item#39;s listing! You#39;ll be offered 20% off your next order and provided shout-outs/watermarks to your website, Instagram, or wherever you#39;d like! Let#39;s cross promote and help one another out!!

For bulk orders of 25 or more cutters, please contact us for a discounted rate.

Our designs are much sturdier than other cutters and also food safe since we use PLA Plastic. If you see other cutters that are made of ABS plastic STAY CLEAR THEY ARE NOT FOOD SAFE! Because of the food safe plastic we use these WILL MELT IN THE DISHWASHER and should only be hand washed in warm, soapy water with a brush or rag.

Thank you so much for looking at our cutters!
Cheryl, The Cookie Cutter Lady!

P.S. Be sure to checkout our main page for our entire store of cutters via the categories in the top left!

This work of art has been designed and modified with the use of a purchased, unlimited use commercial license. All licensing documentation is available for proof.


Australia Outline Cookie Cutter - SHARP EDGES - FAST Shipping -

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