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Bone Tie Sale price Bracelet

Bone Tie Bracelet


Bone Tie Bracelet

Ceramic bone tie bracelet. Grey leather. One size fits all. Unisex.

You’ve arrived at Dandy Outlet! This handcrafted ceramic piece of jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind, and the piece pictured is the piece you will receive. As with outlet shopping, each item is imperfect. It may have a drip or a hole, or the glaze may not have turned out as intended. Your win! Outlet prices are 25-50% off regular store and website prices.

Outlet pieces are final sale only, and stock is limited. Please ask questions before purchasing. Thank you for your business!

Back is glazed in a gold finish, chain and findings are all brass.


Bone Tie Bracelet

Rustic Flower Girl Basket with Burlap, Custom Color Bows, Pearls

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